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The world of fitness is going through its revolutionary era with the inventions of health supplements to achieve the body fitness goal. ABSN to stay in the league during the revolution phase is doing more of investments into research and development to produce amazing result oriented ground breaking products with the highest quality marks. The pre-workout has added a lot towards this revolution era. The Pre-workout supplement consists of creatine in combination to other ingredients in proprietary blends. IRON BLAST – a ground shaking product of ABSN constitute to a good pre- workout supplement consisting of all the mandatory and essential ingredients. 

Get Pumped
When it comes to long sessions of workout muscular pump play a vital role in a successful session. The bigger the muscular pump is, more will be the production of nitric oxide. ABSN IRON BLAST helps you to achieve a successful workout sessions by ensuring that you have a long lasting muscular pump. You will definitely feel the difference in one scoop with full energy.

More Power, Energy and Focus
The long lasting power required during the sessions of physical stressing is not something easy to achieve without the pre workouts. ABSN IRON BLAST contains a combination of creatine and caffeine our 2 c with other proprietary blends that helps the body to attain the long lasting power required. Focus however is mostly assisted by the B-Vitamins and caffeine you will feel the difference in just one scoop with full energy

In ABSN IRON BLAST a pre- workout specially designed for greater result during fat loss contains Caffeine which is an active ingredient in fat burners plays a vital role in achieving the aim. Role of Caffeine in ABSN IRON BLAST is –

  • To burn the fat at a greater rate during the workout sessions.
  • It is also used to promote strength and alertness after its consumption.

Since caffeine is used to promote alertness after its consumption, one has to make sure that supplements based on caffeine should not be consumed within 6-8 hours of sleep or else it may result in disturbed sleep patterns.



ABSN is a well renowned brand that exists to create and deliver products with the highest quality benchmark in the health and fitness world. The products at ABSN are created with a positive approach to shape up and improve the lives of all the individuals, families and business that rely on ABSN for a better and healthy life. ABSN products are made to please the customers for whom quality is above everything else. ABSN believes in providing customer satisfaction in terms of quality and by no means compromise the quality of the product provided.

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