Kevin Levrone Signature Series Levro Mono

Creatine monohydrate enriched with Beta Glucan

  • 4.5g creatine
  • 50mg beta glucan
Kevin Levrone Signature Series

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During strength training, creatine supplementation serves to increase the levels of phosphocreatine in the muscles, which directly increases the body’s energy reserves for the duration of intensive weight training[1].

Creatine is a relatively small particle, not being an amino acid, which occurs mainly in the body in muscles and which takes part in a number of cell processes there, including its use in the muscle protein synthesis.  Creatine is probably the best known and the most popular supplement in the diet of professional athletes but also for occasionally practicing amateurs.  Creatine won its fame in the 90’s of 20th century as a natural method for improving sports results and for building a fatless body mass.  Presently, it is recommended in the endurance workout for short but intensive physical exercises, where an increase of the endurance was observed by adult practitioners at the consumption of 3 g of pure creatine a day.

The creatine monohydrate used in LevroMono is the cleanest raw material, enriched with the addition of beta-glucan. It increases phosphocreatine levels in our muscles by up to 20%. Research has shown that supplementation with this substance can have a direct impact on the increase in maximum power and performance in strength, training which is characterized by high anaerobic intensity[2]

LevroMono also contains beta-glucan, which according to research at the University of Louisville (USA), has a positive effect on both the humoral response and cellular immune response[3]

Thanks to creatine supplementation, we can not only increase our phosphocreatine levels in the muscles, but also have an impact on the satellite cells’ activity in the muscles. Research conducted at the University of Copenhagen has shown the greatest increase in muscle fibre cross-section in people both practicing weightlifting and using creatine supplementation[4].

LevroMono is the best choice for those who want to increase their strength and muscle volume. Grow with Kevin Levrone!


Creatine monohydrate, which is one of the best known diet supplements for sportsmen all over the world with scientifically proved effects. In physiological conditions the human body produces creatine by itself from 3 amino acids: arginine, glycine and methionine which is further transformed into phosphocreatine which, in turn, is responsible for producing ATP, the quickest accessible source of energy for intensively working muscles.

It is a water-soluble compound belonging to polysaccharides which occurs in the cell walls of plants, fungi and yeast. The beta-glucan stimulates macrophages – basic cells of the human immune system, which activates the immune response of the body and improves its immunity[1]. All macrophages of living organisms carry a receptor which requires activation to initiate the immune response. The function of the receptor and the activator may be compared to a key unlocking a door – a particular door lock may be opened by a particular key. The same happens when activating the macrophages, the receptors occurring on the surface of the macrophages are a perfect match for the beta-1.3/1.6-glucan, which activates the receptor when it sticks to it[2]. The phagocytes activated by beta-glucan are ready for immune reaction and switch the body to a standby mode, reducing the chance of infection. The macrophages function like in the phagocytosis, the macrophages get rid of the cells by “eating” them – which means they absorb and destroy them. In case of a “non-self cell” in the body, which is recognized as a threat, the macrophages immediately remove it and the immune system, switched to a standby mode, produces an increased amount of lymphocytes and antibodies to protect the body from infection. After consumption, the beta-1.3/1.6-glucans reach the intestines where they bind with the immune system cells, just as macrophages[2]. The supplementation of beta-glucan is recommended for all sportsmen practicing high intensity physical exercises, due to their increased susceptibility to infections. Moreover, the research has shown that beta-glucan reduces the body’s ageing processes[3].

[1] Carrow D.J., Beta-1,3-glucan as a Primary Immune Activator”, Townsend Letter; June 1996
[3] Hunter K., Washburn R.; “Efficacy of topical antimicrobial acid and immunostimulatory β-Glucan in Animal Models of Cutaneous Infection”, Nevada Medical School – Applied Res. Grant, Aug. 1998.

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Kevin Levrone Signature Series

The Levrone Signature Series, is a revolutionary sports supplement brand created by me, Kevin Levrone. What makes the Levrone Signature Series so distinctive in a market saturated with supplement lines is the optimal quality and the rigorous science that goes into each and every one of my supplement products. I love bodybuilding and I am strongly driven by helping other people achieve greatness! I was inspired to be the best, and that brought me to the pinnacle of professional bodybuilding, To date, I can say that I officially have the best overall record In sport of professional bodybuilding. It was only a matter of time that I shared my wisdom and passion for physique transformation with the masses. The Kevin Levrone Signature Series is finally here, and I proudly pass the torch on to whomever desires to compete and conquer in the sport of bodybuilding.
Kevin Levrone Signature Series

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